+38(095) 868 32 32 Ukraine, Kharkiv, 19 Sumska str.

Restaurant and bar

Restaurant Abajour invites to escape from noisy city life and enjoy with romantic aesthetics of European gastronomic delights.  It’s located in a cozy courtyard of Sumska Street far away from prying eyes. 

On soft sofas which surrounded by beautiful paintings, flickering candles and mirrors you can have a sense of comfort and quiet peace. 

Here you can experience exquisite French cuisine and a taste of true confectionery chic, whether slow breakfast, business lunch or romantic dinner take place.

Restaurant Abajour
19 Sumska Str
+38057 716 0022


from 8.00  till 23.00
from 13.00 till 23.00

There are not many places where you can look after work for a glass of good old Scotch whiskey. But here right on the main street of Kharkiv is the door to another atmosphere! 

Every day from 16.00 you can have a tasty lunch with burgers and mixed salads as well as juicy steak for supper, and great sushi menu for special connoisseurs. 

On weekends from 21:00 you can enjoy different music from the good old funk to house European novelties! And after your favorite cocktails Zombie or Basil Beauty, or perhaps hooligan shots – Syski, the evening promises to be particularly interesting...

Moskvich gastro-bar
19 Sumska Str
+38057 716 0022
+38057 758 1261


Sunday – Thursday,
11:00 – 23:00
Thursday, Saturday
11:00 – 6:00