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Restaurant and bar

Any busy day in The Edition follows the rhythm of South Italian tarantella. When the first guests arrive, morning itself becomes a small Italian celebration with fragrant fresh espresso and hot focaccias straight out of the oven. Meanwhile in the kitchen Cheese pancakes with Nutella are made, along with Tartufata omelette and Eggs Florentine. The air smells of coffee and baking – these scents give start to your perfect day.

Noisy lunches in The Edition feel like working sessions on the subject of the love of life – with warm greetings, salutations, joyful gestures, friendly hugs and, or course, delicious food. There are plenty of starters on every table – Coppa di Parma and Prosciutto crudo, Italian olives and Belissimo pate. Then one may order Almost Classical Minestrone and so-non-classical pasta: short green Casarecce pesto or Black pici spaghetti with seafood. Abbastanza! Enough!, the guests are begging – but we cannot let them go without a dessert. Choose from The Most Chocolate Napoleone and the most unusual Cannoli. After lunch the best decision would be to relax and not go anywhere at all – order a glass of aperitivo and just let yourself be.

Evenings in The Edition are noisy and crowded, with a likely friendly fight for the last piece of pizza. It takes 60 hours and three types of flour to make the dough, so the pizza is one of a kind, amore! To go with the Chef’s Favorite Pizza ask for the new wine from our somelier’s collection – enjoy it while waiting for your exclusive risotto. Give us a wink – and we’ll bring our selection of Bellinis and Negronis to your table. And while your companion is busy cancelling all the morning meetings, stop for a second to realize that you’ve just lived another happiest day of your life.

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The first, the best, the only, the trendy, the hooligan, the party animal and just a favourite – this is all about him!

Your friend – Moskvich bar.

Proper bar. House cocktails. Good and honest food. True American burgers. Great music. Outstanding guests. Noisy parties. Your Moskvich bar!

Moskvich gastro-bar
19 Sumska Str

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